Indian Navy planning to build six nuclear attack submarines

"It had been informed the prevailing 1 3 traditional submarines are involving 17 to 31 yrs older," the status committee report claimed.
Right now, that the Navy is functioning Russian-origin Kilo Class,'' German-origin HDW course along with also the hottest French Scorpene-class ships at the domain whilst at the atomic portion, it's owned one particular INS Chakra (Akula course ) in Russia.

At an effort to fortify its under-water firing ability, Indian Navy is set to construct a fleet of 6 Atomic Attack Submarines,'' as demonstrated by a written report from the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence.
The Indian Navy had intended to assemble 6 atomic strike submarines together side that the Arihant course SSBNs that can be nuclear-powered submarines armed with nuclear missiles.  The atomic attack submarines may also be intended to be assembled indigenously in venture with private business industries.

The Navy also advised that at the past 1-5 decades, just two brand new traditional submarines are inducted involving the Scorpene-class vessels INS Kalvari as well as also the INS Khanderi.

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